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Two Hours Fire Test

Manufacturer of GRP/FRP of Enclosures and Kiosks in UAE

What is the standard?

The Two Hours Fire Test is a non-standard fire resistance test carried out on our glass reinforced polyester laminate, which is the primary material across our product range. It tests the performance of the laminate on exposure to flame for a period of 2 hours. The purpose of the test is to simulate a scenario of a fire occurring inside our GRP Enclosures or Kiosks due to equipment failure and our product maintaining structural integrity and containing the fire for a period of 2 hours; within which the civil services can arrive at the location to assist.

How is it tested?

The laminate is fixed on a metal frame vertically and exposed to flame with the use of a high pressure gas torch at a distance of 20 cm for a period of 2 hours. The behavior of the laminate during and after the fire exposure is observed at every 15 minute interval. Physical and temperature change are measured and recorded.

Where is it tested?

The certificate applies to a non-standard test designed to simulate a real world scenario; which was conducted by an independent material testing laboratory in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At the end of 2 hours, our laminate showed no signs of selfburning and no visible change in physical shape and dimension.

The certificate is commonly requested in the G.C.C. region.

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